Lined Ball Valve

Lined Ball Valve

A lined ball valve is a specialized type of valve used for fluid control within various industries. It combines the features of a ball valve with the protective benefits of a lining material, making it well-suited for applications involving corrosive or abrasive fluids. A lined ball valve is a type of ball valve that consists of a body, stem, ball, seat and lining. The interior is completely lined with a high quality PTFE or PFA lining material, which due to its thickness completely protects the valve from any chemical corrosion, making it an excellent choice for any harsh application.

Lined Ball Valve

Key characteristics and features of lined ball valves include

Corrosion Resistance: Lined ball valves are designed to resist corrosion caused by aggressive chemicals, acids, bases, and other corrosive fluids. The lining material, typically PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) or similar materials, acts as a barrier between the fluid and the valve's internal components.

Abrasion Protection: The lining also provides protection against abrasion, making lined ball valves suitable for applications involving slurries, particulates, and abrasive materials.

Versatile Applications: Lined ball valves are used in a wide range of industries, including chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, water treatment, oil and gas, pulp and paper, and more.

Biocompatibility: Some lined ball valves are suitable for industries requiring biocompatibility, such as food and beverage and pharmaceuticals, where the valve can come in contact with consumable products.

Reduced Maintenance: The use of lining materials significantly reduces the need for maintenance and replacement of valve components due to corrosion or abrasion, resulting in cost savings and extended service life.

Tight Shutoff: Lined ball valves offer tight shutoff capabilities, preventing leaks and maintaining process integrity when the valve is closed.

Full Bore Design: Many lined ball valves feature a full bore design, minimizing flow restrictions and pressure drops across the valve, which is important for efficient fluid transport.

Quick Operation: Lined ball valves can be operated quickly, making them suitable for applications requiring rapid opening and closing.

Automation Compatibility: Lined ball valves can be integrated into automated systems, allowing for remote control, precise adjustments, and seamless integration into complex control setups.

Safety Enhancement: Corrosion resistance and reliable sealing contribute to enhanced safety in applications where maintaining process integrity is critical.

Lined Ball Valve

Fields of application

Sulfuric acid

Nitric acid

Hydrochloric acid

Phosphoric acid



Sea water


What is the difference between a lined ball/globe valve and an unlined ball valve?

Lined ball valves offer all the same features as unlined valves, but are a cost-effective solution for chemical and severe corrosion applications that require long-term sealing and reliability. They are durable, reliable and perform well after many cycles, making them an excellent choice for shutoff and control applications.

They can often be installed regardless of flow direction and are well suited for automation because they feature universal mounting pads that allow easy automation even when valves are present in the pipeline. The stem design has an anti-blowout feature to ensure increased safety, while each lined ball valve has its own anti-static device to prevent potentially dangerous

electrostatic discharge.

Some additional key benefits include:

Pneumatic actuators can be factory assembled with

Excellent chemical resistance;

The liners offer high durability and heat resistance;

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