V Notch Ball Valves

Our V-Ball, V-Port and v notch ball valves are made of high-quality materials. v notch ball valve, the "V" notch is a unique design that allows for precise flow and the ability to regulate and control flow through a 30°, 60° or 90° V "notch". The v notch ball control valve is a low-maintenance valve with a tight bubble shut-off function. All v notch ball valves are highly manageable and can operate at high temperatures (up to 1000°F) and pressures up to 500PSI (liquid) and 150PSI steam. V notch ball valves are cost-effective compared to valves with similar pressure drops and low flow control (down to 0.07) Cv. The v notch ball control valve is cost effective compared to valves with similar pressure drop and low flow control (down to 0.07). Our v notch ball valves can be manually configured or actuated for automated handling and control. These valves are available in ANSI flange, NTP (threaded) and socket weld.

V Notch Ball Valves introduction:

VN6 series V-notch ball valve, is concentric segmental ball valve for modulating applications. Its V-notch segmented ball permits wide range ability and produces an equal percentage flow characteristic. As the V-notch ball rotates into the seat ring, it creates a wedging and shearing effect to prevent dragging or slurries between the seat and the ball.Our v-notch ball valves normal size is 1" to 12".

V Notch Ball Valves Advantage:

The v-notch ball valves are used settled and also clamped driven shaft plus sphere shaft with splined connection made for absolutely no shed motion for very accurate placing and specific control. 

The V-- Notch Sphere Valve gives non-clogging, high capability, straight with circulation control of fluids including pulp as well as paper stock or slurries and also fluids containing suspended solids or fibrous materials.

The V-shaped gap and the valve seat produce a tapered scissors function, which not only has a self-cleaning function but also prevents the ball core from being stuck, and is particularly suitable for pipeline scaling and freezing. 

The v-notch ball valves have quality  erosion-resistant trim components, such as Valve Positioners - Pneumatic, Electro-Pneumatic, Smart Instruments - Airset, Solenoid Valve, Volume Booster, Airlock, Limit Switches. 

Pneumatic V-notch ball valves are perfect for maintaining flow in continuous or batch operations, controlling pressure in liquid fill lines and venting heat exchangers with vapour feed lines.

V notch ball control valve design features

The shearing action between the ball and the seal of the v notch ball control valve ensures tight closure, even on fibrous slurries.

Unrestricted straight-through flow design provides high capacity and wide range

v The precise profile of the notch ball control valve provides almost equal percentage characteristics.

v The replaceable ball seal and support ring of the notch ball control valve increase rigidity.

v notch ball control valve balls machined to a super smooth surface, hard chrome plated and polished to increase ball seal life.

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