LN6131F Plastic Lined Single Seat Globe Control Valve

LN6131F chensu control valve series, except with a reliable sealing performance, also has the acid sulfate hydrofluoric acid (hydrochloric acid), alkali strong corrosive medium, such as the unique advantages of contact with liquid in the valve body wall and components are lining corrosion resistance, ageing resistance of FEP (FEP), equipped with corrugated pipe component in the valve, the valve core is at the top of the connected to the upper PTFE bellows seal, the lower end of the corrugated pipe and valve body, valve cover, support with bolt and nut fastening sealing connection, corrugated pipe cut off from the outside world the media adaptation is strong corrosive, toxic, precious, volatile, easy penetration of normal temperature and normal pressure medium.

Product Description

Product Overview

LN6F plastic-lined straight stroke adjustment valve is a kind of pneumatic film actuator (or by electric actuator) and straight single-seat fluoroplastic-lined valve composed of two parts. The valve is made of high polymer fluorine plastic with corrosion resistance and aging resistance, and the components are made of high pressure fluorine plastic lining process. Double packing or single packing structure is adopted, and the single packing valve is equipped with Teflon bellows assembly, which ensures the corrosion resistance of the valve inner parts.

Performance advantages

Corrosion resistance: the inner cavity of the valve body and the inner parts of the valve are covered with polymer fluorine plastic, which can resist corrosion of all chemical media (including concentrated sulfuric acid, strong alkali and aqua regia).

Good sealing performance: double sealing with bellows and packing made of PTFE, which can play two protective seals.

Valve leakage grade is high: spool and seat are soft seal, so the leakage can meet GB/T 17213.4-2005 / IEC 60534-4:1999 Grade VI standard.

the flow characteristics are controlled by the spool type surface, and the flow characteristics are accurately controlled.

Equivalent percentage and linear characteristics are available.

Temperature applicable range: -29 to 200℃.

and pipeline connection with RF flange type.

Technical parameters

Nominal diameter: DN15/20/25/32/40/50/65/80/100/125/150/200

Pressure class: ANSI CL150; DIN PN10/16/25

Valve body and upper bonnet material: WCB, WC6, WC9, CF8, CF8M, etc.

Upper bonnet form: bellows and packing double sealing type (upper bonnet lining); connection full fluorine lining type

Packing type: FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene copolymer) -46℃ ~180℃; PFA (perfluorinated alkylate) -46℃ ~260℃, etc.

Flow characteristics: equal percentage (%); linear (L)

Adjustable ratio: 30:1

Allowable leakage: ANSI B16.104 Class VI

Typical performance

Shandong, Zhejiang Guobang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, workshop self-control transformation, pesticide production line

Ltd. Binhai Branch, 31 workshop automation project

China Arms Industry Group Beihua Group, production line technology upgrade

Luzhou North Chemical Co., Ltd, production line technology upgrade


Nominal SizeDN15 ~ DN300
Pressure RatingPN16/PN25;CL150(PN20)
Operateing Temperature-30℃~200℃
CharacteristicsEqual percentage, linear
Seat Leakage ClassANSI B16.104: V、VI
Body MaterialV-notch PTFE packing
Trim MaterialWCB/CF8/CF8M etc.
Seal Material304+F46/316+F46/304+PFA/316+PFA