Carbon Steel Butterfly Valve

Carbon Steel Butterfly Valve

Carbon steel butterfly valves Excellent mechanical properties, good resistance to stress corrosion and sulfide resistance. Cast steel butterfly valve has high and low temperature strength and excellent fatigue strength characteristics. Carbon steel butterfly valve can withstand temperatures up to 450°C. 

Carbon steel butterfly valves than stainless steel butterfly valve lower cost, good mechanical strength, suitable for general applications without special requirements.

The steel used to manufacture carbon steel butterfly valve bodies is available in a variety of grades for both high and low temperature applications.

Carbon steel butterfly valves have limited corrosion resistance, which must be taken into account in the design (thickness calculation). Butterfly valves made from this material are usually painted or epoxy coated to withstand the external environment. The type of environment may lead to the selection of specific paintings that are often costly or complex to implement.

Carbon steel butterfly valves can be used in a variety of conditions of use, and we offer the right choice for each condition: high pressure butterfly valves, high temperature butterfly valves, cryogenic butterfly valves, corrosion-resistant butterfly valves, media butterfly valves high viscosity for vacuum.

Carbon steel butterfly valves are suitable for different types of fluids: liquids, liquids containing solid particles - slurries, gases, high-viscosity fluids, general chemicals, petrochemicals, nuclear and naval applications.

Carbon Steel Butterfly Valve

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