Introduction of Globe Control Valve:

What Is a Globe Control Valve? A Globe control valve is a linear motion valve and is primarily designed to stop, start, and regulate flow.

Globe control valve composition:

Globe control valve is composed of valve body, bonnet and bracket, valve stem, valve disc, valve seat, seal, inverted seal, valve stem nut, stuffing box, packing, packing gland, lock nut, hand wheel, bolt, nut And other important parts.

Features and Benefits

Balanced valve internals design Smaller actuator reduces overall component size and weight, heavy-duty cage guidance construction, heavy-duty guidance of plug enhances throttling control performance, few soft goods ...... reliability and low maintenance, standard solution for controlling noise, cavitation and valve leakage, versatile valve technology, rugged construction, long-term smooth operation, process control and high process throughput. 

Types of flow control globe control valve:

Classified by globe control valve structure:

Single Seat Globe Control Valve

Cage Guided Globe Control Valve

Three-way Globe Control Valve

Classified by globe control valve use:

Power plants must use high-temperature and high-pressure or power plant-specific shut-off valves.

The ammonia gas or petroleum liquefied gas pipeline should select the special shut-off valve for petroleum liquefied gas.

If corrosion resistance and clean performance are required, stainless steel globe control valves should be selected.

If it is corrosive and the temperature and pressure are not high, you can also choose fluorine-lined globe control valve or plastic globe control valve.

In this article we introduced the application of the globe control valve in detail.

Globe control valve application

globe control valves offer excellent control performance and high reliability in a wide range of applications. They are designed to provide accuracy, precision and reliability for general and more demanding service. globe control valves serve a wide range of customer industries, from oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical to power plants and pulp and paper mills, boiler and main steam vents and drains, and turbine lube oil systems are specific applications.

SUPCON globe control valve:

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