Bellow Seal Globe Valve

Bellow Seal Globe Valve

A bellow seal globe valve is a type of globe valve that utilizes a bellows assembly to provide the sealing element between the valve stem and the bonnet. This seal prevents the process media from leaking out of the valve and also helps to provide effective stem sealing against fugitive emissions.

Bellow seal globe valves are used in a variety of industrial applications where leak-proof and emission-free sealing is essential, including:

1. Petroleum and gas industries

2. Chemical processing plants

3. Pharmaceutical industry

4. Food and beverage manufacturing 

5. HVAC systems

6. Power plants A key advantage of bellow seal globe valves is their ability to maintain a perfect seal even under high pressures, extreme temperatures, and aggressive media. 

They also require minimal maintenance compared to other types of valves and can help reduce fugitive emissions.Overall, bellow seal globe valves are a reliable and cost-effective solution for process industries that require a high level of safety, environmental protection, and efficient operation.

Bellow Seal Globe Valve

Advantages of bellows seal globe valve

1. The most outstanding advantage of bellows valves is the double seal design (bellows + packing). Therefore, even if the bellows fails, the stem packing can prevent any kind of leakage to meet international sealing standards.

2.Minimize the loss of media fluid to ensure safety and environmental protection. This will ultimately improve the safety of the plant where the bellows valve is installed.

3. It acts as an energy saver as it helps in minimizing the energy loss due to leakage.

4. Frequent maintenance of the valve can be avoided as leakage is minimized. Hence, it extends the service life of the valve.

5. Due to longer service life, operation and maintenance costs are reduced considerably.

6. The robust bellows seal design ensures zero leakage from the valve stem, thus providing maintenance-free conditions.

7. Installation of bellows valves minimizes the discharge of flammable, toxic and hazardous chemicals and improves staff safety.

Bellows Seal Globe Valve Applications

- Bellow seal globe valve eliminate the risk of process fluid leakage, making them ideal for applications where valve leakage cannot be tolerated. These valves are therefore preferred where highly hazardous materials such as hydrogen, ammonia, chlorine and other similarly toxic or explosive materials are handled.

-Suitable for use as shut-off valves in piping of fluids such as thermal oil, toxic, flammable, highly permeable, contaminated environments, and radioactive. It is a high quality product to build a leakage-free factory.

Bellows seal globe valves are widely used in petrochemical industry, electronic industry, various factories, vacuum industry and so on.

Bellow Seal Globe Valve

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