Petrochemical Industry

Based on crude oil and natural gas as the basic raw materials to produce ethylene, propylene, butene, butadiene, benzene, toluene, xylene, naphthalene and other basic chemical raw materials, and based on the basic chemical raw materials to produce a variety of organic chemical raw materials and synthetic materials. Control valves can be used in petrochemical refining, chemical ethylene refining and other processes such as atmospheric and vacuum, cracking, hydrogenation, coking, reforming and separation, sulfur recovery.

Application valve type: Medium/high pressure straight stroke control valve, medium/high pressure on-off ball valve, axial-flow type multistage step-down control valve, labyrinth type multistage step-down control valve, Multi-cage type multistage step-down control valve, eccentric rotary control valve, gate valve, triple off-set butterfly valve, lined control valve, lined on-off valve, and so on.