LN87W Series Bellows Globe Control Valve

LN83W / 85 w / 87 w series bellows single-seat control valve, based on LN83/85/87 series valve single-seat based on pressure balance structure of bellows seal structure, the pressure of the elastic in bearing parts and stainless steel bellows valve stem connected together, and packing of double seal, eliminate medium leakage hidden trouble. Suitable for differential pressure is highly toxic, flammable, explosive, volatile and the adjustment of the rare and precious metal medium.

Product Description

Bellow Globe Valve

Bellow globe valve, is in the LN83/85/87 series single-seat adjustment valve on the basis of the pressure balance structure of the bellows sealing structure, the use of elastic pressure bearing parts and stainless steel bellow globe valve is connected together, packing double sealing, to eliminate the hidden danger of media leakage. It is suitable for differential pressure adjustment of highly toxic, flammable, explosive, volatile and rare precious metal media.

LN87W Series Bellows Globe Control Valve

Benefits and Features

Maintenance-free stem gland

Bellows-type gland prevents leakage to the outside. No need to tighten or replace gland packing.

Stellite-hardened surfaces on the valve plug and seat provide superior sealing and durability.

Additional bellows on the exposed portion of the valve stem prevents corrosion from dirt, dust, salt-laden air, or rain.


Leak-free gland with dual-seal design: bellows and gland packing seals

Flexible valve design provides a tight seal even when the stem is slightly off-center.

Fields of application

Steam, hot water, heating media, etc.


Nominal SizeDN40 ~ DN300
Pressure RatingPN16/25/40/63/100;CL150(PN20)/300(PN50)/600(PN110)
Operateing Temperature-46℃~ 350℃
CharacteristicsEqual percentage, linear, quickly open
Seat Leakage ClassANSI B16.104: IV、V、VI
Body MaterialWCB/WCC/LCB/LCC;WC6/WC9;CF8/CF8M;4A/5A etc.
Trim Material630/316/316+ST/316nitriding/316+Ni60/316+WC etc.
Seal MaterialPTFE+ graphite v-shaped packing, flexible graphite ring packing, graphite +PTFE braided packing etc.