Rotary Plug Valve

A rotary plug valve with a plug-shaped flow-restricting component that follows an eccentric path as it rotates. The plug does not contact its seat until it is rotated to within a few degrees of the closed position. When the plug contacts or "cams" into the seat, the seat surfaces are dynamically aligned for closure. This rotary plug valve type may also be referred to as a rotary globe valve.

How rotary plug valve work:

When the material in the upper bunker falls under its own weight and fills the space in the rotor blade, it rotates with the blade to the lower outlet and is discharged. Rotary plug valve  can continuously supply and discharge materials. The rotary plug valve can play the role of feeding and locking the air flow in the pneumatic conveying system. Due to the low-speed rotation of the rotor and the very small gap between the rotor and the inner cavity of the housing, the reverse flow of the air flow is effectively prevented, thereby ensuring the stability of the air pressure in the system and the normal discharge of materials. Therefor, rotary plug valve is an important part of the high-pressure gas to the material transportation in the state of the pipe network. The rotary valve is used as the unloader of the silo in the material collection system.

Features and applications:

It is compact, lightweight, and has a large flow capacity and wide rangeability. In addition, the CN8 series innovative split type plug structure can better reflect the characteristics of anti-erosion and reliable sealing. Especially suitable for the control of those slurry fluids susceptible to clogging. 

They also provide accurate, reliable control in a broad range of applications, such as high and low-pressure steam, clean/dirty corrosive liquids & gases, erosive and abrasive slurries etc.

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