Selection Software SupCVS

Selection Software SupCVS


About SupCVS:

SupCVS is software, developed by Zhejiang SUPCON Fluid Technology Co., Ltd., for selection of control valves based on anticipated operating conditions.

Based on the fluid properties and conditions entered, SupCVS will determine the required flow coefficient (KV) and the equivalent percent open of a selected or suggested valve.

Additional information provided includes noise (sound pressure level) calculations, choked flow (either flashing or cavitation) indication and velocity limitations.  


Advantages of SupCVS selection software:

1. Adopt the international standard to calculate the working condition data, which is more accurate.

2. Support data expansion of new products, and make data maintenance more convenient.

3. Normalize parameter definition to avoid potential risk of data writing errors.

4. Perfect unification of working conditions and product selection.

5. The data output format is rich and diverse to meet different requirements.

6. Seamless connection with the production and manufacturing system, the selection data can be directly used for production, avoiding repeated input and review.



SupCVS is a powerful and useful tool in the proper sizing and selection of control valves.

However, as with any software tool, the user must provide complete and accurate information.

Although reasonable care has been taken in the development of this program, the user is responsible for confirmation of any and all selections made with it. 

Neither Zhejiang SUPCON Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. nor any of its agents or representatives, shall be held liable for any claims based on the use or misuse of this software.