LN85 Series Cage Guided Globe Control Valve

LN85 series are LN8 series pressure balance single-seat valve products, one of the three basic has separable sleeve, large guide structure, adopt the molding spring, energy storage pressure balance ring. Has a good dynamic stability, high control precision, allow the pressure difference is big, the operating force is small, large flow capacity, suitable for a wider temperature range of conditions, large pressure difference, under the action of alternating stress control.

Product Description

Cage Guided Valve

Cage Guided Valve refers to a type of valve design that incorporates a cage-like structure to guide the movement of the valve plug or disc. This cage provides stability and support to the moving part, ensuring precise alignment and reducing the risk of vibration or flutter during operation.

The cage is typically positioned around the valve plug or disc, and it may be an integral part of the valve body or a separate component installed within the valve. The cage-guided design is commonly used in control valves and other applications where precise flow control is required.

Benefits of Cage Guided Valves:

Enhanced Control: The cage helps to center the valve plug or disc within the valve body, resulting in improved control over the flow of fluids or gases. This design minimizes potential leaks and provides better shut-off capabilities.

Reduced Vibrations: Cage guided valves are less prone to vibrations and are more stable during operation, which can extend the valve's lifespan and reduce maintenance requirements.

Increased Service Life: The guiding effect of the cage reduces wear and tear on the sealing surfaces, leading to longer service life and improved reliability.

Anti-Cavitation and Noise Reduction: The cage design can help mitigate cavitation, a phenomenon where vapor bubbles collapse and cause damage to the valve components. It also aids in reducing noise levels during valve operation.

Cage guided valves are widely used in various industries, including oil and gas, chemical processing, power generation, water treatment, and more, where precise flow control and reliability are critical requirements.

Long life

1. Valve Trims

According to the needs of the working conditions, different materials and surface hardening treatment can easily be chosen to meet the requirements of each function module of trim to improve its performance of the corrosion, cavitation and erosion resistant, lengthen service life.

2. Valve body

The body of LN8 series control valves consists of two passages from upper and lower, forming a shape like letter "S". The design of an elliptical section reduces the flow resistance and turbulent flow to keep the flow fluent. The flap in the middle of upper passage can reduce the eddy flow and increase the flow capacity.

LN81 Series Single Seat Globe Control Valve


The standard mate of LN8 series is AM8 Multi-spring pneumatic diaphragm actuator, which can be used in many conditions with the features of strong output force, high reliability, long lifespan and extensive application. The output force changes with the number of springs. The high stress resistant diaphragm, bearing maximum pressure of 0.5 MPa air supply, gives control valve a reliable shutoff. This type of actuator has a long life cycle with more than 1 million times.

Well Sealed

1. Structure

        A. New function modular design                                   B. Self-centring seat design

LN81 Series Single Seat Globe Control Valve

2. Packing system

The packing box assemblies are also optimized. Seal ring in the gland flange can prevent the dirt from entering and protect the packings. The V-ring is added with an U-groove and its angle is changed from conventional 90 to more efficient 85. The packing is a combination of alternating pure PTFE and PTFE with grafoil. When the temperature of fluid is above 200℃, the packing will be made by grafoil.

LN81 Series Single Seat Globe Control Valve

High Precision

LN8 series control valves are designed strictly on the basis of the IEC standard. They are the latest self-innovated modularized straight stroke control valve of SUPCON. We divide the trims into three modules, namely guide, control and seal module. We provide the best solution according to the function of each module and make action, control and seal more reliable.

Each index, linear, hysteresis, dead zone and leakage, for example, is full compliance with national standards.

Note: For below measured results, take LN8100 top guide single seat valve (PN110) as an example.

Test Items
National Standard
SUPCON Standard
Measured Results
Seat Leakage
0.06 L/min
0.064 L/min
Rated Travel Error
Start Error
End Error
Dead Band

Easy to maintain

The unique platform and modul design make it easy to remove and displace the parts without special tools, and moreover, easy to change the type of the valve only by changing few parts. A variety of material combinations is optional for the parts.

LN81 Series Single Seat Globe Control Valve


Nominal SizeDN40 ~ DN400
Pressure RatingPN16/25/40/63/100;CL150(PN20)/300(PN50)/600(PN110)
Operateing Temperature-80℃~ 260℃
CharacteristicsEqual percentage, linear, quickly open
Seat Leakage ClassANSI B16.104: IV、V、VI
Body MaterialWCB/WCC/LCB/LCC;WC6/WC9;CF8/CF8M;4A/5A etc.
Trim Material630/316/316+ST/316nitriding/316+Ni60/316+WC etc.
Seal MaterialPTFE+ graphite v-shaped packing, flexible graphite ring packing, graphite +PTFE braided packing etc.