Power Plant Industry

Power Plant Valves

The remarkable characteristic of power industry is that there are many high temperature and high pressure and high pressure difference working conditions, all kinds of control valves can be used for supercritical and ultra-supercritical units boiler heating, boiler feed water, boiler sewage, steam system, water treatment, superheated steam transmission, temperature reduction and pressure reduction.

Application valve type

Medium/high pressure control valve, medium/high pressure metal seal on-off ball valve, axial-flow type multistage step-down control valve, labyrinth type multistage step-down control valve, eccentric rotary control valve, gate valve, triple off-set butterfly valve, and so on.

Valves used in power plants may include:

Safety Valves and Safety Globe Valves

These valves used in power plants prevent overpressurization to keep people, the plant and the environment safe.

Globe Valves

Also known as isolation valves, these are usually ball, gate and butterfly valves. They prevent process media from moving to a certain location and help control its path.

Control Valves

These valves control conditions within the power plant such as flow, pressure, temperature and fluids. Many are ball or globe valves that throttle and shut off.