What Is a Single Seated Globe Valve ?

Apr. 03, 2020

Unique single seated globe valve is made use of to turn off or change product circulations. Ideal for nonstop production in a broad series of hygiene-critical applications. ... Configure the Special SSV shutoff bodies, plugs and also actuators to satisfy any kind of need.

The distinction between single seated as well as double-seated control valves:

Solitary seated shutoffs are one form of globe control valve that are really usual as well as rather basic in layout. These shutoffs have a couple of interior components. They are likewise smaller than double-seated shutoffs and provide great shut off the ability.

Maintenance is streamlined as a result of easy gain access to with leading entrance to the shutoff components. Due to their extensive use, they are readily available in a range of trim arrangements, as well as therefore a greater variety of flow qualities are readily available. They additionally generate much less vibration because of the lowered plug mass.

Single Seated Globe Valve

Single Seated Globe Valve


-- Simple design.

-- Simplified upkeep.

-- Smaller and also lighter.

-- Great shutoff.


-- A lot more complex styles required for harmonizing

Double Seated

An additional globe valve body design is double-seated. In this method, there are 2 plugs and two seats that run within the shutoff body. In a solitary seated valve, the forces of the flow stream can push against the plug, needing higher actuator pressure to run the shutoff movement. Double seated shutoffs utilize opposing pressures from both plugs to reduce the actuator force needed for control motion. Harmonizing is the term utilized when the net pressure on the

stem is reduced in this way. These valves are not truly well balanced. The result of the hydrostatic forces on the plugs may not be absolutely any due to the geometry as well as characteristics. They are therefore called semi-balanced. It is important to know the mixed loading due to the amount of harmonizing as well as dynamic pressures when sizing the actuator. The shutoff is poor with the dual seated shutoff and also is just one of the downfalls with this sort of building. Despite the fact that producing resistances may be limited, because of different forces on the plugs it is not feasible for both plugs to make get in touch with at the same time. Upkeep is raised with the added inner components called for. Also, these shutoffs often tend to be rather heavy as well as huge.

These shutoffs are an older design that has actually fewer benefits compared with the integral negative aspects. Although they can be located in older systems, they are hardly ever made use of in newer applications.


-- Reduced actuator force as a result of harmonizing.

-- Action quickly changed (Direct/Reverse).

-- High flow capacity.


-- Poor shutoff.

-- Heavy as well as bulky.

-- More parts to the solution.

-- Just semi-balanced.