VN61 Series V-notch Ball Valve

VN6 series Ball Valve, part of the spherical v-shaped incision ball core provides approximate equal percentage flow characteristic, is a use of v-shaped incision ball core within the scope of the small open degree on the sealing surface rotation and control of fluid flow regulating valve, Angle of v-shaped incision ball core increase significantly in the flow adjustable ratio at the same time, with special unique elastic match the lip of the structure of the sealing seat, the fiber and particle medium has excellent shear and prevent functions, making it especially suitable for large adjustable ratio control system, as well as to the fiber containing fluid, slurry type of fluid control.

Product Description

Advantages of the ball valve:

1, has the lowest flow resistance;

2, can achieve complete sealing within a larger pressure and temperature range;

3. Quick opening and closing can be realized. When opening and closing the valve quickly, there is no impact on operation;

4. The working medium is sealed reliably on both sides;

5. When fully open and fully closed, the sealing surfaces of the ball and valve seat are isolated from the medium, so the medium passing through the valve at high speed will not cause erosion of the sealing surface;

6. Compact structure and light weight, it can be considered as the most reasonable valve structure for low temperature medium system;

7. The valve body is symmetrical, especially the welded valve body structure, which can well withstand the stress from the pipeline;

8. Fully welded ball valve can be directly buried in the ground, so that the valve's internal parts are not eroded, and the maximum service life is up to 30 years.

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VN61 Ball Valve Main Parameters

Nominal SizeDN25~DN300
Pressure RatingPN16/25/40;CL150(PN20)/300(PN50)
Operateing Temperature-46℃~400℃
CharacteristicsApproximate equal percentage
Seat Leakage ClassANSI B16.104: IV、V、VI
Body MaterialWCB/WCC/LCB/LCC;WC6/WC9;CF8/CF8M;4A/5A etc.
Trim Material304+Ni60/304+Ni55
Seal MaterialPTFE+ graphite v-shaped packing, flexible graphite ring packing, graphite +PTFE braided packing etc.