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cage guided control valve

The cage guided control valve is a balanced valve that can be used as a dump valve, pressure regulator, suction controller, recirculation valve, and plunger lift applications. It can be equipped with an optional electric drive or operated with compressed air to meet zero-emission requirements.

how dose cage guided control valve work

The cage guided control valve throttles by exposing the port area in the surrounding cage more or less as the plug is moved up and down, the "T" shaped ports in the cage through which fluid flows as the plug is moved up and out of the way . The cage is also used to guide the valve plug, so the stem does not need to be subjected to side forces like stem-guided valve designs.

Cage Guided Globe Control Valve Advantages:

One-piece body design can minimize the leakage path

Low noise, anti-cavitation control, corrosion resistance

Have different short styles and structural designs

Widely applicable to noise control elements, muffler baffles

Modular design, easy to disassemble and replace parts

The elimination of flammable, explosive, volatile media leakage risks

cage guided control valve compared to stem guided series

Design advantages:

An advantage of the cage guided control valve design is that the flow characteristics of the valve can be easily changed by simply replacing the cage with another hole of a different size or shape. For most cage guided control valves, all that is required to replace the cage valve is to separate the bonnet from the rest of the valve body, at which point the cage can be removed from the body and exchanged with another cage.

In contrast, stem-guided and port-guided globe valves are characterized by the shape of the valve plug, which requires further disassembly to replace compared to the cage in cage-guided globe valves.

Size advantage

The cage guided control valve has larger trim sizes (available in 2" to 10" end connections) for larger valve coefficients (Cv).

SUPCON globe control valve:

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