What is Cage Guided Control Valves?

SUPCON is a specialist control valve manufacturer of cage guided valve designed to meet the critical service process control requirements of a variety of applications in the oil and gas, petrochemical, and power industries. 

Cage Guided Valves are designed for balanced plugs or unbalanced plugs. The difference point is the plug of the balanced cage-guided globe valve has a balancing hole located at the top of the plug. This trim is suited for both high and low-pressure drop conditions. 

The unbalanced plugs will generate an inner force, which equals differential pressure across the plug plus the plug area. F= P x A

The standard cage trim is designed with special window shapes which depend on the flow characteristic(linear, equal percentage, quick opening, and others)of the control valve.

Performance characteristics

1, the third generation of S-type smooth casting body cavity, through the CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to improve the second generation, with a more efficient average flow rate, with a greater flow capacity, reduce the initial investment. 2,

Comply with ASME, the valve body and the upper bonnet through the double head double head bolt

3. Press-fit together. Robust cage guide and unique balanced sealing ring (GF TFE structure for normal temperature, graphite 1398) improves the stability of valve plug movement & Figure lock structure for high temperature), reduces vibration and mechanical noise.

4. solid cage is adopted to protect the valve body from steam and cavitation damage. s streamlined passage, low pressure drop loss, high flow rate and wide control range.

SUPCON globe control valve:

Founded in March 1993, SUPCON is one of China's globe controls valves leading manufacturer and supplier of automation and information technology, products and solutions. We can provide high quality single seat globe valves, cage globe valves, bellows globe valves.


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