SN51/52 Series Soft Seal O-type Ball Valve

Sn51/52 series soft seal O type ball valve is a full straight through ball valve, the fluid pressure drop loss is the smallest, excellent cutting performance, the ball only need to rotate 90 degrees to achieve the full open or close valve, at the same time with the valve stem fly out, anti-static and other functions.

Product Description

Product Overview

SN5 series soft seal ball valve is a full bore straight through ball valve, which was certified by API 6D in 2017 and API 607, TÜV ISO15848, BV SIL3 in 2019. This type of ball valve is available in floating and fixed types, and its ball only needs to be rotated 90° to achieve full opening or closing of the valve. The ball valve has excellent cut-off performance, minimal fluid pressure drop loss, as well as anti-flying out of the stem, and fire and anti-static features, suitable for liquid, gas and other fluid cut-off control.

Performance advantages

Adopting dewaxing precision casting process.

Floating type with high platform direct mounting design, adjustable invisible packing gland, packing preload can be adjusted without disassembling the cylinder and any other parts, optional bracket and drive shaft according to working conditions.

Fireproof structure design.

Anti-static device.

Anti-blow-out design of valve stem.

Design with automatic pressure relief.

Clean inner cavity device design (optional).

The type of manual ball valve with locking function, with positioning pin function.

Valve seats are made of imported non-metallic materials, multiple specifications are available, temperature up to 230°C.

Allowable leakage: in accordance with the requirements of API598, zero leakage.

And pipeline connection with RF, RJ, FM and other flange type and SW, BW welding type.      

Flange distance in line with GB/T12221/ASME B16.10; flange standard in line with HG/T20592 or ASME B16.5.

Technical parameters

Nominal diameter: DN15/20/25/32/40/50/65/80/100/125/150/200/250/300 /350/400/450/500/600/700/800

Pressure rating: ANSI CL150/300/600; DIN PN16/25/40/63/100

Material of valve body and upper valve cover: WCB, WCC, WC6, WC9, LCB, LCC, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, etc.

Structure form: floating type; fixed type.

Packing type: PTFE (using temperature -29℃~+200℃); flexible graphite (using temperature -196℃~+593℃).

Flow characteristics: quick-open (Q).

Allowable leakage: meet the requirements of API6D, API 598, zero leakage.

Typical performance

Ningxia Xitai Coal Chemical Co., Ltd, Tongling Taifu Special Materials Co., Ltd coking transformation ball valve project

Ningbo Huatai Shengfu Polymeric Materials Co., Ltd, 700,000 tons of young hydrocarbon using 400,000 tons/year styrene plant switching valve project

Changshu Guobang Lubricant Co., Tank Area SIS Renovation Project

Control valve project for naphtha intermediate tank area and pump room, Panjin North Asphalt Fuel Co.

Anhui Zhongpu Petroleum Energy Co., Ltd, Anhui Zhongpu Energy Phase II Renovation Project

SN51/52 Series Soft Seal O-type Ball ValveSN51/52 Series Soft Seal O-type Ball ValveSN51/52 Series Soft Seal O-type Ball ValveSN51/52 Series Soft Seal O-type Ball ValveSN51/52 Series Soft Seal O-type Ball Valve


Nominal SizeDN15~DN600
Pressure RatingPN16/PN25/PN40;CL150(PN20)/CL300(PN50)
Operateing Temperature-46℃~200℃
CharacteristicsQuickly open
Seat Leakage ClassZero Leakage
Body MaterialWCB/CF8/CF8M etc.
Trim Material304/PTFE、316/PTFE、304HCR/PTFE、316HCR/PTFE etc.
Seal MaterialPTFE, Flexible graphite

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