How To Maintain The Ball Valve

Apr. 14, 2021

How To Maintain The Ball Valve

Ball valves have a long service life and a maintenance-free period. They must depend on several factors: the normal working conditions, suitable temperature-pressure ratios, and reasonable corrosion data.

1. When the ball valve is in the closed state, the pressure fluid is also in the valve body.

2. Before repairing, please clear the pipeline pressure and make the valve open.

3. Please disconnect the power and air source before repairing.

4. Before maintenance, separate the actuator from the base.

5. Before disassembly, please remove the pressure of the upstream and downstream lines of the ball valve.

6. When disassembling and reorganizing, prevent damage to the parts, especially the sealing surface of non-metal parts, and use special tools to take out the o-ring.

7. When installing the flanged ball valve, the bolts on the flange must be symmetrical and then tighten gradually.

8. Ball valves are available in different materials, such as cast steel ball valves or stainless steel ball valves. The tilting agent should be compatible with the rubber parts, plastic parts, metal parts, and working medium (such as gas) of the ball valve. When the working fluid is gas and gasoline (GB484-89) can be used to clean metal parts, non-metal parts can be cleaned with pure water or gasoline.

9. After cleaning, the cleaning agent evaporates, and the ball valve can be assembled, but it cannot be stored for a long time, otherwise it will rust or become dirty.

10. Before assembling new parts, cleaning is also necessary.

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