SUPCON Successfully Ranked among the Technologically Advanced Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Zhejiang Province

Feb. 16, 2022

 On January 4, 2022, the Department of Economy and Information Technology of Zhejiang Province announced

 the list of technologically advanced small and medium-sized enterprises in Zhejiang Province in 2021.

After the completion of a series of procedures, which include enterprise declaration, preliminary examination,

and recommendation by each county (city, district) bureau of economic and information technology and

examination by each district city bureau of economic and information technology, 

SUPCON was listed as one of the technologically advanced small and medium-sized enterprises

in Zhejiang Province in 2021.


The technologically advanced small and medium-sized enterprise is an honorary qualification established by

 China to encourage SMEs to achieve four aspects of development: specialized operation, refined output, 

distinctive technology, and novel products. It aims to cultivate a group of pacesetter companies that focus on

 niche markets and have strong innovation ability, high market share, master key core technologies, 

and excellent quality & efficiency.

SUPCON is a professional provider of intelligent control valves and fluid control solutions.

 Since its inception, SUPCON has been focusing on the process industry, continuing to provide high-quality

 products and multi-faceted technical services to customers in the chemical, petrochemical, 

and pharmaceutical industries. 

SUPCON was included in the list of technologically advanced small and medium-sized enterprises for the

following reasons."Specialization": SUPCON's focus on intelligent control valves.

"Fine": SUPCON's expertise in high-end applications.

"Unique": SUPCON is constantly tackling the challenges of valve applications in special conditions.

"Novelty": SUPCON creates more value for its customers through technological innovation and makes them successful.


In the future, SUPCON will continue to develop with the purpose of being customer-centric.

 With our own professional technology accumulation and innovative research and development capabilities, 

we will accelerate the construction of an intelligent control valve digital factory and promote the Lean Six Sigma 

project. Continuously improve product delivery capabilities and product quality, to provide customers with richer, 

higher quality intelligent control valve products. We will continue to the deep plowing of the intelligent control 

valve industry. And in the future adhere to the development route of specialization, refinement, specialization,

 and novelty. In the new wave of transformation to help customers in the automation, digital, and intelligent construction.