SUPCON Control Valves Help PetroChina, SINOPEC Many Main Installation Projects

Nov. 08, 2021

Recently, SUPCON won the bid for refining and chemical integration project of PetroChina Guangdong

 Petrochemical Branch. The project includes more than 200 pneumatic control valves in the cracking 

furnace area of the ethylene main plant have been produced. On September 30, the valves were shipped

 to the Jieyang project site in a single shipment.

After winning the bid, SUPCON set up a project execution team and worked together to actively promote

 the manufacturing progress of the project. We strictly control the quality from the source of materials

 to the production process. After the quality inspection by the quality inspectors of Huanqiu Engineering,

 we got the project release order smoothly.


On September 22, SUPCON successfully won the bid for PetroChina's annual pneumatic control valve

 procurement project from 2021 to 2023. SUPCON's core products are all shortlisted in PetroChina's

new biennial procurement list, including regulating valves, pneumatic ball valves, pneumatic quick 

shut-off butterfly valves, and pneumatic gate valves. On September 29th, SUPCON received the tender

notice from SINOPEC Baling Petrochemical Branch for the transformation project, and on October 4th, 

SUPCON received the tender notice from SINOPEC Anqing Petrochemical Branch for the refinery to 

chemical structure adjustment project. The reason why SUPCON control valve products have been 

approved by the bid evaluation committee and successfully won the bid is because of the outstanding 

product performance, excellent qualification, reliable technical service, and relevant project performance.


The above winning projects are SUPCON control valves following the winning of the 2020 Sinopec Zhenhai project,

 Guangdong Petrochemical ethylene main plant project, and again winning the PetroChina and SINOPEC main

 plant projects. These projects were successfully won and implemented, which means that the control valve products

of SUPCON are gradually recognized by large customers in the high-end market and enter the high-end market.

SUPCON will further improve the quality of control valve products and strengthen the core technology capability.

 To deliver on time and create value for customers!