What Is a Rotary Valve

Mar. 25, 2021

What Is a Rotary Valve

The rotary valve is a shut-off valve that manages the circulation of liquid or gas through the connected pipes through the rotation of one or more channels in the horizontal plug. A typical cock is the simplest form of a rotary valve... Most of the automotive power steering control valves use hydraulic pressure.

If you have an application that requires you to continue and accurately adjust the circulation rate of the liquid, you may use a control valve. It is possible to create direct or rotary movement control off.

A control valve, or any other type of valve, can be identified by the mechanical activity of the valve itself. There are two classifications of stem movement: linear and rotary.

The linear valve is currently the most common sort of used valve today. It is popular because of its simple design and easy maintenance. Direct valves, also called multi-turn valves, have a sliding stem form that pushes the closed part into an open or closed setting. These types of valves are very practical, with many different decorative sizes and design options. In addition, compared with rotary valves, linear motion valves are more immune to cavitation. Although straight valves are generally more expensive, they provide precise accuracy and 1:1 straight flow control.

Rotary control valves or right-angle rotary valves have actually been developed for many years and have become particularly prominent. They use a closed element, usually through a quarter turn or 90° change to prevent circulation. Rotary motion valves are generally lighter in weight and smaller in size. Similarly, it is also easier to adjust the exhaust and valve stem package rotation without using a bellows seal. They also do not easily hinder the application of dirty solutions.

It should be remembered that the rotary valve is limited to a specific pressure drop range and is understood to have cavitation and flicker problems. However, with the development of technology, these problems eventually became less common.

The v-port round valve is an excellent example of a control valve with rotary control.

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