Daily Maintenance And Maintenance Of Ball Valves

May. 28, 2021

Daily Maintenance And Maintenance Of Ball Valves

1) For ball valves, regularly check the sealing performance of the valve and check it through the drain valve. If there is internal leakage, follow the steps.

2) According to the frequency of valve movement, inject a certain amount of grease into the valve seat. Generally, a proper amount of grease should be injected after the valve is moved once, and the amount injected each time is 1/8 of the sealing system to avoid impurities in the pipeline to the greatest extent. The back cavity of the valve seat affects the movement of the valve seat, thereby causing sealing failure, while ensuring that the sealing surface is always in a lubricated state, prolonging the service life.

3) For valves with small movements, open and close operations should be carried out once a year, and a certain amount of grease and cleaning fluid should be injected to avoid dry grinding of the ball during movement and reduce the operating torque of the valve.

4) The ball valve should be maintained before winter. The key is to drain the water in the valve cavity and the water in the actuator to avoid freezing and freezing in winter, which will affect the function of use.

5) Add wear-resistant grease to the valve worm gear head actuator every year, regularly check the valve stem sealing, remove rust, and do external protection.

In order to improve the reliability of the valve and prolong the service life of the valve, it is very important to do a good job in the early maintenance and supervision of the valve. Many problems can be avoided through early detection and timely treatment.

Therefore, the management and maintenance of the ball valve must not only strengthen professional training to ensure that the maintenance is scientific, standardized, and safe but also this concept must be changed. Preventive maintenance management and the safety of the heating system must ensure heating quality.

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